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TelNetPc strives to be the leading provider of computer services within the Rapid City area. We do computer repair, computer sales, and assistance. We provide valuable computer based services, which combine exceptional quality, fair cost, and outstanding customer service. If you’re looking for an affordable resource for computer maintenance, repair, and internet security, you’ve come to the right place. We are unrivaled by our competition. 

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Are These Cookies Safe?

You may have noticed that on many websites, an informational block will appear that wants you to accept the site’s use of cookies. This has nothing to do with dessert. When the European Union passed its GDPR privacy framework, companies started adding these to their sites to notify users that cookies are used on their site.

Malware vs Virus: Differences & Infection Risks

The terms malware and viruses are sometimes used interchangeably. Some people will refer to malware as a subcategory of viruses while others will refer to malware as only impacting web browsers.

Upgrade or Replace an Aging Computer

You are starting to notice your computer slow down, how do you decide if it is time to upgrade what you have or replace it with a new computer? The average lifespan of a computer is around 4-5 years. While some computers do last longer, you are at a higher risk for an issue with the hardware, especially the hard drive.