Need Technical Support? Call Us: (605) 716-6582
Need Technical Support? Call Us: (605) 716-6582

Connecting Humans, Technology & the World.

Connecting our communities through technology.

We setup, repair and teach you how to embrace all of your devices with the help you’ve always needed to get IT.

This is the team to call when you are ready to yell,

“I just need someone to fix my computer!”


Profile Pic Matt
PERSONAL: Originally from Pennsylvania. I have a love for the business entrepreneur lifestyle. I also enjoy backpacking, camping and hiking always searching for new experiences and adventures. I have an 11 year old daughter and 6 year old son that love all the adventures of Rapid City and the Hills.

“I fell in love with the amazing outdoors and adventures here and stayed.”

  • BACKGROUND: After spending 8 years as an Air Force police officer serving at Ellsworth AFB, I migrated to the Hills in 2004. I fell in love with the amazing outdoors and adventures here and stayed. I transitioned into business management and technology sales and services after the Air Force. I grew up with technology and I love learning how it all works together. Technology has been a rapidly booming and evolving part of our lives. I enjoy helping others understand it and making their devices work simply for them.
  • EXPERIENCE: I worked up the ranks through Office Depot. I started as the Technology Department manager and worked all the way up to Store Manager. I left to manage TekNetCorp, then started my own computer repair business in December 2017. I love the ability to be able to come to work everyday working with our local businesses and residential customers helping them to make their technology work well for them.


Profile Pic Doug
PERSONAL: Born in North Dakota, I moved to California, then back to North Dakota, and finally to South Dakota. My parents had moved to North Dakota when my dad worked on the Garrison Dam in North Dakota. After that was completed our family moved to Pierre, SD to start the construction of the Oahe Dam. Once completed, they never left Pierre, where I grew up. Growing up, I enjoyed playing baseball, camping, swimming, hunting, and fishing. I moved to Rapid City in 1977 and have been here most of my existence. I’ve been married 29 years with 5 children; 3 boys and 2 girl. I am so fortunate to live in Rapid City with the beautiful Black Hills.

“I enjoy helping people sort through all of today’s technology to better understand it.”

  • BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: In 1972, I started working on computers when the first PCs started showing up in the industry. I got involved with networking together PCs with Novell and MS Windows for Workgroups. I also set up SCO Unix and Linux systems for multi-user systems. I even did some programming for point of sale systems in the early days. I have been and IT Systems Engineer for 47+ years and have seen many changes and advancements. I have been involved in the early days of dial-up access to the advancement of the high-speed internet of today. Who knows, the cable companies of the past may be only media streaming and internet providers of the future. I enjoy helping people sort through all of today’s technology to better understand it, how to keep home and businesses safe, and also to take advantage of today’s new technologies to enrich themselves and their productivity.


Profile Pic Dawn

Personal: My mother was born in Milbank, SD and I grew up in Illinois. I married and raised four children there and have 12 grandchildren who live in Illinois and Wisconsin. Two great grandchildren live in Missouri. My hobbies include creating silk flower arrangements and holiday decorations. Since relocating to the Rapid City area in 2013, walking, sight-seeing and day trips have also become hobbies.

“I enjoy walking, sight-seeing, and day trips.”

  • Background & Experience: I will celebrate 50 years in retail in June of 2019. Most recently, before joining the TelNetPc team part time, I served as Technology Supervisor and then Customer Experience Manager for Office Depot, right here in Rapid City. Prior to moving to the area, I was a Store Manager for RadioShack in Illinois, then in California for nine years as an Area Manager and Sales Team Trainer. During the 1980s, I also served as a Church Office Manager and coordinated the volunteer effort to create the database for the church’s 150 years of birth, death and marriage records.