Your LOCAL and Personal Residential IT Support!

Do you have a “warranty” plan to cover issues like these?

Internet Issues

Can’t get on the internet.

Streaming TV

Issues streaming a TV Show.

Not Receiving Emails

Not receiving all of your e-mails.

Computer Security

Your computer security is out of date.

Printer Issues

Set up printer or other devices.

TelNetPc offers one!

The TelNetPC Service Plan (TSP) - Your Peace of Mind Plan

With our TelNetPc Service Plan, you’ll have all the help you need to keep your devices running at their optimal performance.

The 12-month TelNetPc Service Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited Remote Support (by appointment)
  • Unlimited In-Store Bench Labor
  • Annual PC Tune Up
  • Free Virus Removal
  • Free over the phone support
  • Live monitoring of PC health performance
  • Priority Line Repair
  • Discount on all our Education Classes
  • Access to Educational Videos
TelNetPc Service Plan Customer Service

With the TelNetPc Service Plan, peace of mind can be yours for just $29.99/month or $299.99/year.

Our team of specialists will be there for you, to help you through any problem, pop up, or concern you encounter.

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