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Why Bitdefender?
Best In Industry Malware Defense

Top-notch malware detection Built upon pioneering, purpose-built core technologies, BitDefender anti-malware Software Development Kits (SDK) offer robust performance and reliability. Our solutions consistently achieve impressive results, even under the most demanding tests by the industry’s leading anti-malware testing bodies.

Zero Day Exploit Defense

Bitdefender has the best record for protecting computers against zero-day exploits. These type of malicious code are unknown until released and require very fast response from anti-virus software companies in order to protect customers.  Bitdefender has been the leader in zero-day exploit response rate for years.

Bitdefender Partner
Ransomware Prevention

Unlike other malicious code, ransomware take part or all of your computer and encodes it where you can’t access you data. To gain access again, the perpetrators demand a ransom to regain access.  This can be detrimental to home users and businesses.  Having a watchdog like Bitdefender on duty 24/7 is imperative to prevent these attacks.